Wedding songs


Shawn and Wendy Wedding MP3’s


Erev Shel Shoshanim.mp3

Evening of Lilies or Evening of Roses   played most often for the bride

Kol dodi 02.mp3

Voice of my lover                         played for bride or groom

Dodi li.mp3

My beloved is mine                     played for bride or groom

Lecha dodi.mp3

Come my beloved                        played for bride

Kol  Avra Ba.mp3

Come all                                         played for bride or groom

Freylackh chuppa.mp3

Dance to the chuppa                   played for groom

El dio alto.mp3 

To God                                           played for bride or groom

Los Bilbilicos.mp3

The nightengales                         played for bride or groom

Alter Rebbe Nigun.mp3

Nigun                                             played for bride


Come my beloved                       played at breaking of glass